Advertising Insights Everyone Needs To Know


“Adverting is dead.”

“Social media is free advertising so why bother?”

“Does anyone even click on ads anymore?”

These are just a few of the common statements I hear when talking to prospects and clients about whether advertising is the right fit for their business or event. When it comes to selling event tickets, advertising is your best friend but should you even bother if in any other situation? Maybe you’re already advertising and just not seeing the right return on your investment for your ad dollars. Are you worried about the lack of clicks and/or calls about your business or promotion? If so, you may be making some of the most common mistakes when it comes to advertising, which I am here to fix. 

Whether it’s a boosted post on social media, banner ads on a website or print ads in your target publication, there is a right and wrong way to design your advertising. Check out the video for all my tips on what you need to know BEFORE  you start designing and writing copy:

D. Channing Muller
Principal at DCM Communications

Channing has more than 10 years experience in the marketing and communications field, specializing in advertising, copy writing and reporting, editing, event management, and brand marketing. Beyond the marketing world, her experience in the events industry has taken her from Miami to New Orleans, Toronto, Chicago, and Washington D.C., where she currently resides, and to attend and report on special events. Follow Channing on Twitter or Instagram for an inside look.

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