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Since its inception, technology company Conductor’s digital marketing conference C3 has seen a dramatic increase in attendance each year. Beginning with just 60 people in 2010, the attendance has grown to 1,000 in 2014 and with more than 1,200 this fall in New York. Conductor’s marketing team hit the road last month to begin a series of six, one-day events around the country aimed to promote the two-day conference at Pier 92 in October.

“Some customers may not be able to make it to C3 annually because of budgets, or they may want to check out other conventions so it’s nice to be able to bring something to them,” said Amy Holtzman, director of online marketing and demand generation, who organized the tour.

Gauging by the attendance at the launch event in Washington on April 29 at the City Club of Washington, the company is expecting a 60/40 ratio of prospects and clients at each event–the latter serving as ambassadors for the product. While Holtzman expected a near 50% drop-off rate, average for a free event, the Washington installment surpassed that with 80 of the 130 registrants attending.

Road to C3 - Dallas

The tour stopped at the Tower Club in Dallas on Tuesday.

To determine the tour stops, Holtzman utilized BatchGeo, an online mapping tool, cross referenced the her lists of client and prospect locations to show the cities around the country with the densest population of both. The detailed results even helped her narrow each city to an ideal area of town.

“We thought we would probably go to San Francisco, but when we looked closer, Palo Alto actually had a denser population of customers for us,” said Holtzman.

Each stop includes two certification workshops for customers in the morning before an afternoon of networking and continuing education presentations on SEO, social media, and digital marketing. The free workshops allow customers to better familiarize themselves with the product, ensuring they are using it correctly and therefore providing them more R.O.I. In turn, they become brand ambassadors for Conductor when networking with the company’s prospective clients in the room. .

“When you can certify a customer in your product, there is a greater chance they renew and talk about their accomplishments with their boss or add a badge on LinkedIn,” said Holtzman, who added that the upselling and renewal of current clients, as well as closing prospects at C3, are Conductor’s benchmarks for R.O.I.

Road to C3 attendees are offered a 50% discount on conference attendance to further promote attendance in New York. The tour continues in Los Angeles tomorrow, Boston on May 19th then onto Palo Alto and Chicago in June.

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