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Georgetown Glow_on the wings of freedom

On the Wings of Freedom by Aether + Hemera

The team at Georgetown Business Improvement District has found the perfect way to answer the question: how do we ensure we get shoppers to our retail stores when it’s freezing outside? Enter Georgetown Glow. This compilation of 11 art installations all incorporate light (and many also with movement) and are spread throughout the neighborhood. Here’s why it’s genius and you should take a page from their book:

  1. Because the installations are spread around the neighborhood, it gets people walking off the main drag of M Street to check out the other shops in the area.
  2. Consumers may not be interest in shopping when they set out to explore the installations, but walking by a fun holiday window increases the chances of them stepping inside. Even if it’s only to escape the cold for a bit. Increased foot traffic = increased revenue potential.
  3. In the digital age, getting shoppers to a brick and mortar business can be difficult. The outdoor exhibit adds that incentive to leave the computer and join the real people in the world.
  4. By tapping into the local and international art community (artists come from as far as Shanghai and the UK!), the BID has increased its PR reach or the neighborhood beyond just the Washington area.
  5. The cultural element of including art in a non-secular way during the holidays ensures you can maximize your potential reach no matter their religious affiliation.

Check out what is probably the coolest activations, in our humble opinion, on the DCM Instagram account.

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