Optimizing Your Website For Search

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SEO. It's a common acronym that's so often misused and misunderstood and that makes me crazy! Not because I need to explain it, but rather because so many other marketers don't. They just sell an "SEO package" to a new client with promises of "We'll handle all of your SEO for $X/month," without giving the itemized actions they'll be taking and at what frequency.

When I Mean When I Talk About "SEO"

Yes, I can design awesome websites that will lead to conversions in your business.

No, I cannot "SEO" your website.

Yes, I can provide a solid foundation for increasing your placement in search results.

No, SEO is not a "set it and forget it" aspect of marketing.

Yes, I can teach you the various other tactics OUTSIDE of designing your website that will help increase your rankings in search.

Just like you need the right foundation on your house, your website also needs the right foundation to get found in search.

What Determines Your Rankings In Search?

There are many factors that contribute to how search engines index websites, including:

  • time on page
  • relevancy of content on website to the query posted in search
  • usability
  • page traffic
  • referral sources
  • quality of back links

Did you notice what I didn't mention there? Keywords. Yes, they matter, but they are no longer the be-all-end-all of being found higher in search rankings. In fact, Google will penalize you if you put too many of a given keyword on your page, also known as keyword stuffing.

What You Should Be Looking For

A good website strategist (notice I didn't say a website designer or website developer) can do the keyword research, determine a good information architecture for your content, and (hopefully if it's a good agency) design & build the site for you.

But unless you are paying them for ongoing maintenance of said site, there will be ongoing SEO tactics you will need to employ to continue getting the most form your site you can.

The first of these is utilizing free SEO tools like Google My Business and Google Search Console.

Follow these quick tips and get your website's footprint on solid ground.

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