VIDEO: How To Choose Between WordPress and SquareSpace

WordPress or SquareSpace? This question plagues every business owner and marketing director as they begin to build, or rebrand, a website for their company. Each has bells and whistles and every website developer or agency seems to contradict each other.

“We’re experts in WordPress! It’s the BEST!”

“SquareSpace is where it’s at. So easy to use and pretty.”

“Oh I think WordPress is easiest. And there are so many themes to choose from.”

Sound familiar? With so many differing opinions (and options on each platform), choosing the right one can be difficult. You want to take the advice of your chosen “expert” but be sure they really are a “website development expert” and not just a “WordPress expert” or “SquareSpace expert.”

When Focusing On A Niche Fails

Focusing on a niche is great (and something I HIGHLY recommend) but it can also lead to some so called experts putting on blinders to the other technical options and advances of those programs outside of their niche. In this digital age when everyone claims to be an expert in their ads and email campaigns, how are you to know who only knows that one platform versus who knows the RIGHT platform for YOUR business?

Well, let me throw in my opinion to that “WordPress vs. SquareSpace” debate. And let me preface this by saying it’s an opinion honed through experience developing more than 30 websites of 10 to 200+ pages each, on BOTH platforms.


Still have more questions about which platform you should go with? Setup a free consultation directly on my calendar and let’s discuss. Forget the marketing ploys, it’s about the right foundation for YOUR business, not about what the developer is the most comfortable working in.

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    1. Right? So many people (and other developers in particular) just go with what they are most comfortable using rather than the right choice for the client. The rest of us need to stick together:)

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