Instagram’s Algorithm: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do (Part 1)

Instagram’s algorithm changes are once again the talk of the social sphere and there’s a lot of advice how you can tweak your social media strategy to handle the changes. But after reading umpteen articles about “The 5 Tips You Need for Instagram”, you know what’s not out there? Analytics to back up those recommendations or case studies to give more solid reasoning to why you should make these strategy adjustments beyond “we think this will work.”

Well, that reasoning isn’t good enough for me and it shouldn’t be for you either. So, I’m taking on the challenge and getting you that data myself.

Tips I’m Evaluating

Here are the top tips I’ll be testing and evaluating:

  1. Only use 5 hashtags and put them in the caption (not first comment)
  2. Reply to all comments within 60 minutes
  3. Only post a few times a week
  4. Keep Instagram Stories active and drive traffic to main profile
  5. Mix up the hashtags for each post (avoiding duplication across posts)
  6. Comment and reply to comments with more than 4 words

Have you heard about another tip I should be testing? Comment below and I’ll check it out.

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