The DCM Difference


When looking for consultants, the first question people always have is this: what makes you different from your competitors? The answer: personal service, diverse marketing experience, and accessibility.

Difference 1: Personal Attention

DCM Communications LLC is a boutique marketing consulting firm and we pride ourselves on our personal touch. There aren’t various people through whom your account will be passed from RFP to contract to conception and then completion. All of our clients get my personal attention.

With a diverse background of communications experience, I’ve done it all—and seen many others do it wrong. Poor messaging, inconsistent branding, mistargeted advertising, wasted marketing dollars, ineffective resource allocations … the list goes on. Unlike other firms who only know about copy writing or graphic design or social media or event planning, I’ve been in the trenches with all of it and can connect it back to your bottom line.

Difference 2: Effectively Connecting Marketing to Sales

The goal of any good marketing campaign is to hit your KPIs, whatever they may be, and deliver a return on your invest

ment. Understanding the various ways marketing tactics tie into sales, and how to best utilize each, is the foundation upon which I’ve built my career. I’ve also curated a team of experts in graphic design, web development, photography, and SEO to ensure you are always getting the best advice and deliverables to make your marketing and advertising efforts a success.

Difference 3: Accessibility

And finally, accessibility. DCM Communications has an active presence on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Don’t want the world to be involved in our communication? Email me. Your business is important to you, so as a clientor even prospective client—it’s important to me as well. My team and I will make you the priority you should be.

So if you’re ready to expand your company’s marketing efforts, or even simply improve upon your current foundation, get in touch with us today. I look forward to working with you!

Channing Muller
Principal and Founder, DCM Communications