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What DCM Is All About

Wondering whether we're the right fit for you?

Learn all about DCM Communications directly from the horse’s mouth in this 2-minute video below.

(Yes, we just called our founder a horse in this scenario.)

Industry Recognition

It's an honor to receive these awards from the top outlets in the special events industry and small business community.

How We Came to Be

A diverse, yet symbiotic roadmap of experience throughout the communications field led to the creation of DCM.

Our founder, Channing Muller, has a diverse background of more than 23 years experience throughout the communications, sales and event industries.

After getting her professional start in journalism (newspaper, magazine and online), she moved into the worlds of public relations and advertising, which parlayed themselves into sales.

With a desire to round out her communications experience, Channing secured a leadership marketing position at a top software company.

This allowed her to continue honing her skills in graphic design, marketing strategy, sales enablement, business development, and event planning directly from the CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, and more in the C-Suite.

Those experiences led to the creation of DCM Communications, a full-service marketing & communications agency, in 2014 serving the Washington D.C. event industry.

Since then, Channing has worked to pass her (and our ever-growing team‘s) knowledge of effective marketing, PR and sales techniques onto event professionals and small business owners across the country through our service offerings.

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DCM Communications 0

A Promise to Clients


Here’s something you can take to the bank:


If you are committed to your business goals, then I guarantee the DCM team will be able to make a difference in your brand awareness, public perception, and sales process. That confidence is a baseline requirement for any company we take on as a client.


– Channing Muller, Principal & Founder


All of this while providing you with the tools, tactics and support to move that revenue needle on your terms.


This is YOUR business.

The DCM Krewe is here to make it shine and enable you with the tools, tactics, and skill to build it as YOU want it to be. 

The DCM Difference

Full agency services with a personable, not agency, approach to client relationships.

Personal Attention

DCM is a boutique marketing consulting agency and with a strong focus on personal touch and, you guessed it, clear communication! (It’s in the name for a reason.) That means each person working on your project gets to know YOU and your goals so we can collectively serve you better.


You will always get communication from each of us on receipt of important files, next steps after each call or meeting, and clarity on timelines.


Understanding the Marketing-Sales Connection

Understanding the various ways marketing tactics tie into sales and how to best utilize each of them is the foundation upon which Channing built DCM to begin with. That knowledge extends to all of our clients. But it wasn’t just about what she personally knew.


It became about finding the best of the best to fill in what she didn’t know so our clients get everything they need.



A krewe of experts in graphic design, IT infrastructure, photography, SEO, and marketing strategy to ensure you are always getting the best advice and deliverables to make your marketing and advertising programs a success.


Unlike other agency’s who only go deep on copywriting or graphic design or social media, the DCM krewe has been in the trenches with all of it (and then some!) AND know how to connect it back to your bottom line. No silos here!

Love of Beverages (and Bottom Lines)

Yep, you read that right. Beverages and sampling #allthethings are one of Channing’s favorite hobbies so it is not uncommon to see one (or three) on a video call. But hey, if beverages makes this whole “making money” thing more fun, why not?


And in the end, that’s what this is all about:


Making money that will provide the freedom and lifestyle YOU want.


The keys to making that happen are:


1. Ensuring your ideal clients know about your brand’s products and/or services (a.k.a. Marketing & PR)

2. Helping you be CONFIDENT in qualifying your leads and closing the deal (i.e. Sales)


Our team is here with you from Step 0 (formalizing your business idea) to Steps 1, 2, 3 and BEYOND!

“My goal is for you to have a beautiful brand that represents your company AND the sales mentality to make sure it flourishes.”

– Channing

Ready to get started?

Book a 1-1 consultation at your convenience and we’ll take that next step together. Look forward to chatting!

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