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Content Marketing

Creating Effective Content Starts Here

You have great photos of your business’ services and/or products, but are you writing effective copy to really sell your services?

Are you leveraging your email list to both position yourself as an expert AND get business in the door?


It takes more than just a pretty photos to showcase what you can do. Potential clients meet a company through social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) and get to know them through their content. It’s the trust developed with content that pushes them to engage. Don’t skip a step and miss out on potential business.

Choose Your Preferred Work Style

With more than 35 combined years as published writers, our editorial team has the track record (and bylines) of producing content that will get you noticed and turn followers into leads.

Step 1: Create An Editorial Calendar

Having a blog can go a long way to increasing traffic to your website, but your stories won’t be found unless you do it strategically. That means we need to determine the content topics where your expertise shines.

From there our editorial team will do some additional SEO research to ensure the right keywords are factored in and then create a list of blog post that’ll help you in search and showcase your knowledge.

With more than 35 combined years in top editorial positions at multiple media outlets, including more than 20 years at BizBash–the leading trade publication for the event industry–our writers can create an editorial calendar to rival any magazine.

Step 2A: Done WITH You

You Write, We Edit

You’ve got a solid editorial calendar in hand and are excited to get to work writing down #allthethoughts. However, you may not be the most confident of writers and want to make sure it’s on target for your audience and SEO.

That’s where we come in.

How It Works:

1. After writing each article you send it to our editorial team via Google Docs (easiest EVER for live editing)

2. They go to town tracking changes where needed and inserting writing lessons and explanations along the way via comments

3. You review the changes, ask questions where needed, and end up with…

4. A fully-optimized article ready to be published on your website!


PLUS, you learn how to become a stronger, more confident writer in the process. If you have the desire to learn, you CAN become a better writer with an expanded knowledge of SEO.

And we can be the ones to teach you.

Step 2B: Done FOR You

You Talk, We Write

You’ve got all the thoughts and experience, but none of the time (or desire) to get them on written. No sweat! Our experienced content writers will create it for you.

How It Works:

1. Using the Editorial Calendar as the guide, we put our decades of journalism experience to work and interview you prior to writing each blog post.

2. Then we turn that interview into an eloquently worded article from your perspective.

3. You review and approve the draft.

4. We publish the final version to your website. Boom!


Want to take it to the next level?


Amplify your content with the next steps outlined below.


The more traffic we drive to the blog, the better it’ll be for your overall marketing strategy and your SEO efforts. Traffic tells search engines your content is of interest. The more interest and the longer they stay on the page, the better for your search ranking!

Creating the content is only half the battle. Now you must promote it.

Watch this 39 second video for your next steps.

Step 3: Email Marketing

We communicate more through email than any other digital platform in a day (and yes, that includes social media too.)

Email marketing is a consistently reliable way to get directly in front of your target audience and the blog content you’ve created is your easiest way to do it.

Either we can TEACH you how to create effective email campaigns using your content, OR the DCM editorial team can take it off your plate and handle the planning, creation and execution for you.

Do you struggle to find the right photos and captions to represent your company on social media?

The key to social media success is sharing the right content on the right platforms at the right time. To do that right is to have a solid strategy in place.

Let us do the work for you. We’ll analyze your accounts, determine where is best to post and when, and then scour through your library of work and lifestyle photos to create a social media calendar for you with photos and captions included.

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