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Sunday, 05 November 2017
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The Confident Marketer Collective

Does any of this sound like you?


You are short on budget but need help with marketing your business


You don't always feel fully present with your family/friends because you're always on your phone for work.

Your business feels like a hobby rather than a business because you don't have time to give it the attention it needs AND do all the things you family/life demand.


It seems like you have to do ALL the marketing things in order to succeed and you don't have the time.


You want advice for YOUR business, not just ``any`` business but a 1:1 coach isn't in the budget right now.


You're overwhelmed by all the things you ``should`` do to grow a business and don't see how you can manage AND have a life outside work.


You can learn how to choose the right marketing for YOUR business and tune out the rest of the time-consuming, BS advice that simply isn’t realistic for YOUR life.


It all starts with a quick 1:1 consult with me to make sure this membership collective is the right fit.

Instead, imagine if you….

Felt CONFIDENT in your marketing strategy with ZERO second guessing yourself

Easily balanced the tasks of working IN your business, ON your business and still had hours for other things in life

Knew how to create marketing content in HALF the time it takes now

Knew exactly what marketing tactic to use based on the season of your business…and your life

Had direct access to an external CMO whenever you had questions (no admins or in-betweeners!)

Managed to learn all of it in less than 15 minutes per day


The Confident Marketer Collective

This membership’s teaching & coaching approach is proven to take entrepreneurs from:

…overwhelmed and feeling like they’re failing at home AND in their business 🤦🏻‍♀️


…totally confident in the way they are promoting (and growing!) their business while still having time for all the other things they want to do in life. 👊🏻

See what members say...

She will work with you to whatever degree you need and in my case, she reminded me that I was capable of doing more of the work than I thought I was 😊

Amy Lokken R3 Chattanooga

I just launched my brand and am learning all the content development and marketing things for the first time. The lessons from Channing on how to do it all (and do it right!) and hearing from the more advanced business owners in the group have been great. I always walk way with so many notes of what to do next.

Robin Turnipseed Placement of Pretty Things

Channing has been such a wonderful mentor. I have seen my business grow tremendously (in 2019) and it wouldn't have happened without her! Thank you for believing in me and cheering me every step of the way.

Allison Gaddis Live Laugh Love Weddings

At Blue Spark, my goal is to connect authentically with our clients and Channing gave us the tools to do just that. We were able to connect, build relationships, and ultimately create clients that helped us build our portfolio.

Heather Pilcher, CMP, CSEP CEO, Blue Spark Event Design

As a mom to young kids and business owner, this pandemic has been a serious test of my ability to focus and multitask, often leading to a lack of motivation for my business tasks when kid/life gets in the way. The DCM Collective calls are the way I get my mojo back and I always walk away knowing exactly what to do next.

Sarah Cissna, CSEP The Side Lobby

Working with Channing has been very fruitful, and I highly recommend her company and services. Not only have I received great general info, she provides very real and very actionable solutions to help me resolve my most pressing business concerns. Great ROI!!!

Patricia Simitakos Trish Star Events


I've been working with Channing for almost 5 years. Her knowledge, expertise, and insight is spot on!

Rebecca Dennison THE MASAJ

You CAN be confident in your marketing approach & have time for your clients, life & friends.

And you can do it without feeling forced to replicate my business exactly as many other courses and coaches have you do.

What you WILL do is replicate my process for:


💡 focusing on the right marketing for YOUR business and tuning out the rest

💡 turning daily work tasks into marketing opportunities

💡 zoning in on what makes your talents shine and your soul sing (even if it’s off pitch)

💡 keeping ideal clients coming back over and over again because your BALLER services or product do what they promise and your brand is relatable to them

Your membership to The Confident Marketer Collective provides a safe space to ask questions and offer feedback to other small business owners just you.


Plus, any questions you ask tagging me will be answered directly by me. No VAs, no in-betweeners, no clogs in the line of communications👊🏻

PLUS, I host live, 60-minute Q&A calls each month within the group and providing first access to new tutorials and training videos as they are created.

You ask. I answer. Everyone learns.

Hi, I’m Channing👋🏻

Since launching this business in 2014 I have worked with small business owners and solopreneurs to build more effective marketing strategies and programs that work for the business THEY want to build.

For some that means 60+ hour weeks and 10 events every weekend. For others it’s 25 hours tops and out the door by 2 p.m. for school pickup and kiddo sports.

Whatever the case, we’ve narrowed down their marketing and sales tactics to only the ones that work for THEIR business and once we’ve established that, I shift from consultant to coach to keep their mindset on lock and tactics refined for profitability.


This isn’t about my ideal business. It’s about giving you the templates, guidance and coaching to create YOUR ideal business.

Is The Confident Marketer Collective the right fit for you?

This is for you if…

You like working ``in`` AND ``on`` your business

You have a desire to learn how to create marketing more effectively

You are tired of spending hours on webinars & trainings learning tactics that are hard to implement

You are tired of feeling guilty for the time you spend on your phone rather than present with your family or friends

You know you CAN learn if someone would be patient to teach you

Your business is doing well but you wonder if you could be working more efficiently during the day

This is not for you if…

You would rather throw money at a problem than learn to do it yourself

You find it easy to juggle time between home & work life

You are not interested in helping others or asking for help yourself

You are 100% confident your marketing is on point

You think marketing is unnecessary because you'll always get referrals

You don't think continuing education is needed in business

What’s inside the group…

Monthly membership to private Facebook group for members-only resources, lessons, hive-mind support AND answers to your questions directly from me.

NEW lessons created on request and added every month (all 15 min or less) for MEMBERS ONLY.

Live coaching calls every month to get immediate answers to any questions you have about your business or the marketing you’re implementing from the video tutorials shared in the group.

Accompanying downloads, templates and worksheets to use as you need.

Complete clarity on what marketing channels to focus on (no more second guessing!)

Tactics for creating and sharing content that make your marketing efficient and effective.

Ready to take control of your marketing & sanity with time to spare?

Then let's get started!

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Get an idea of how pretty and EFFECTIVE your site could be by working with DCM.