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Website Design & Development

A Website Should Be Both Attractive and Effective

Just as your brand includes more than a pretty logo, a website for your business needs to do more than look good. It needs to be effective.

Whether that means it showcases your portfolio, drives lead generation campaigns, encourages phone calls, sells eCommerce products or elicit form fills is determined by the specific goals its designed to create.

Designing a pretty site is a great, but making sure it’s designed in such a way to help reach your business goals is what REALLY matters.

No matter your focus, we’ll develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your website to both attract your target client, nurture them, and lead them to reach out to you.

How We Build A Website With Strategy

A lot of people can develop a website, even more can design one.
Only DCM delivers a website strategy, design & build in this way.

It's Built in a DAY!

That's right! The new DCM VIP Website Experience means you get your entire site written, designed and built in a single day. (Ok, maybe it'll take 2 days if it's a real beast but you get the idea.)

PHASE 1. Data Gathering & Strategy

After contract signature and deposit, we’ll send you a series of questionnaires and Google Drive folders to get the strategy development and design ideas flowing.  After reviewing it all, our designers will find a website theme that’ll be our starting point based on the features you want. You’ll review the options and choose your favorite. 


PHASE 2. Website Development

Once the theme is chosen and files purchased, we’ll write, design & build your entire website during your designated VIP Day(s). Yes, we’ll go from the 0 to 60 in a single DAY! (Or two if it’s a real monster build.) Then we turn the tables… 


PHASE 3. Review & Update

After the build, we’ll give YOU a week to review your site and note the edits you’d like for the DCM Krewe to address prior to going live. Any requests that are a bigger elephant to eat? We’ll save those for Phase 2 post-launch. 


PHASE 4. Go Live!

     Whether it’s a fresh build or a rebranded website with a few (or ton!) of redirects toput in place, our team has a lot of IT experience to cover it all. We’ll make tall the things happne on the back end so YOU see the final result on the front end.


Oh, and because it’s us you can request video tutorials walking you through how to update, maintain and continue building your website on your own within two weeks of launch.


(For those who don’t want to deal with that, we also offer a Website Maintenance Plan to take that worry off your plate.) 

Strategic Approach

While there are a number of free service platforms to begin your website, getting the right setup to reach your business goals requires knowledge, time, and technical know-how beyond what those services offer.


Our team of website designers, developers and copywriters have created websites for small businesses, global corporations, and nonprofits alike. Each of which lead to increased traffic, longer time on page, higher search engine rankings, and increased conversions.

Technical Knowledge

We understand the process of redirects, DNS, load balance, site speed, and how all of those things should tie into your SEO strategy. I work close with our IT department to make sure the designs and functionality we're building always support your website health.


We can move your current site to a new host or input 1-1 redirects if pages are being reorganized or need to go away completely. This means you won't have to worry about losing the SEO equity you've built.

Robin Turnipseed


Need to tell you that I am living in the 2 craziest weeks of the year right now (with end of year school and a couple businesses) and the ONLY way I am staying productive is with your pockets of time teachings/tips. Just needed you to know how good and helpful the stuff you are putting into the world is!

Amaia Stecker

Managing Partner

Thanks for helping me get my message down pat! Being able to clearly and succinctly speak with potential clients and determining if it's a good fit has helped me grow in the best way possible!

Michelle Schrader

Vice President

I cannot say enough about how wonderful DCM Communications is. We hired Channing Muller to help us get ready for our first Home Show, and it was the BEST decision we made in preparation for our event. From new businesses looking to streamline their branding, social media strategies, and improve their marketing strategies to existing businesses looking to take the next step in growing their brand or any group looking to make their social and promotional event an absolute hit...give this amazing Boss Lady a call.

Clover Ryan

Owner & Vice President

DCM Communications was the missing link and perfect fit for our company. We knew that we wanted to redo our website so I started the search. I spoke to a few different companies before a request for recommendations on Facebook led me to Channing and DCM. I knew as soon as we had our first conversation that she was the one. Her knowledge of events and what our company does was the icing on the cake. She truly understood our needs. She designed a new logo, a new website, and an incredible social media campaign for the launch. The entire process was organized and purposeful. From our weekly conference call, to the website redesign tracker, and project plan, every detail was meticulously thought out. Channing knows her stuff! And, to top it off, she even converted my partner, who was a marketing cynic. He loved everything she did and he wants to have her continue with a social media strategy indefinitely. Trust me, that is saying a lot. I'm so happy I found DCM Communications. It has been an amazing experience!

Scott Schrader


The powerful Channing Muller is amazing. She has brought an incredible amount of value to my business.

Amy Lokken


I have worked with Channing on two websites, One was done by her, and the other was done by me with her support. After the initial completion of the websites she has been there with tutorials and guidance to help me update and make changes as needed. I have been in some of her ongoing workgroups and have found that to be a great source of information and discussion along with Channing and other clients. I appreciate that Channing will push me to do things that are within my ability so I can learn and be self sufficient. But she is also always there to assist as needed. I would highly recommend working with Channing.

Rebecca Dennison

Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been working with Channing at DCM Communications for a few years and will continue to do so. She has been with me every step of the way as I continue to grow my business. Her knowledge, insights, expertise, and professionalism are top notch! Plus she's a super awesome person! Two thumbs up, 5 stars, and highly recommend!!!

Robin Turnipseed


I started working with DCM Communications about a year ago when I decided to launch my website. Channing and her team walked me through every step of the learning process, and they did so with great encouragement. What I initially viewed as a daunting process transformed into a pleasant experience due to their help and attitude. I have nothing but great things to say about DCM Communications and will continue to refer them.

Amaia Stecker

Managing Partner

D. Channing Muller helped me immensely! I did this same exercise with two other people and got a pretty website but nothing really that helped me actually achieve my business goals. Channing takes the time to get you to understand your client and the services you offer/they need. She's also incredibly effective at reaching them with tools (website, PR, copy, social, etc) that were and for the most part still are very hard for me to use correctly.

Susan Shaw


Channing and DCM Communications came along at the perfect time for my antiques business. Channing met with me personally and took the time to really understand what we did and where we wanted to go, both long-term, as well as in the near future. DCM is capable, knowledgeable, passionate and current on marketing and branding trends. We appreciated all this, but also the willingness to customize a strategy that worked for our business, our present situation and our budget.

Bruce Pike


It's hard for me to let go of control but hiring DCM was the best decision I made.

Bruce Pike


A special thank you to Channing Muller and DCM Communications. Her company extracted the visions in my head and created what you see today. Please trust me when I tell you that without her, this site would look completely different. 🙂 Brand revamp, logo creation, website creation and social media strategy are just a few of her specialties. Thank you Channing.

Matt Solomon

Strategic IT Consultant

When I decided to launch my own company, Channing was the first person I reached out to in order to get my website created. She always had a sharp eye for design, was incredible at planning events and as I stated, simply got the job done. <br>She has been outstanding to work with in a professional capacity; her communication and direction set the stage and expectations for the scope of the project. Channing delivered 100% and provided great insights and thoughts to help me launch. Launching a new company is stressful, she made this process as stress-free as possible.

Bruce Pike


A special thank you to D Channing Muller the owner of DCM Communications. Her company extracted the visions in my head and created what you see today. Please trust me when I tell you that without her, this site would look completely different. ? Brand revamp, logo creation, website creation and social media strategy are just a few of her specialties. Thank you Channing.

Carrie Sims

Event Designer

I highly recommend Channing & DCM Communications if you are looking for a marketing strategy to raise brand awareness. Channing is very talented and I've seen tremendous growth since working with her. She is extremely experienced and I look forward to working with her on future projects.

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