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relationship-based pitching publicist approach for media relations

Public Relations for Event Profs

Increase Your Brand Awareness
With Strategic Media Relations

Let's get your name in the pages of the top event industry trade publications.

You know you’re awesome at what you do, so shouldn’t everyone else know that too? Public relations can help. When a respected trade magazine or news outlet quotes you in a story or publishes your guest blog, that adds more legitimacy to your expertise, which in turn can help increase your bottom line.


DCM’s Approach to Media Relations

I’ve spent years developing relationships with the writers and editors at the top outlets for the special event industry. Combined with 10+ years of experience on the editorial side of media, I know what they are looking for and how to pitch to get their attention.


This means I specialize in relationship-based pitching with a focus on getting the right publication, the right story about your company at the right time. By doing 1-1 pitching based on the relationships I’ve developed (and new ones I work on every day), I’m able to get a higher success rate of published stories and quotes than sending a mass press release on the hopes someone bites.


Just like how you want to feel special and prioritized by me, so do media publications and that’s what I deliver to them on your behalf.

Successful PR Pitches

Here are just a few of the media outlets who have published content about or written by DCM clients.

How It Works

What you can expect with DCM as your publicist.

Step 1: Outlining Your Expertise

First we'll sit down and evaluate the events you have coming up that could be worth coverage either beforehand or after as well as and the topics that truly show what makes you a baller worth having his/her face in ALL the places.

Step 2: Choosing the Target Publications

Not every trade pub or lifestyle blog/magazine is going to be the right fit for you. I'll evaluate the ones out there that your target clients are reading and have the highest chance of both publishing a story about you. THOSE are where I'll focus my efforts.

Step 3: Creating a Pitching Calendar

Next I'll pull the editorial calendars for our target publications and create a schedule based on their editorial plans and your upcoming events. I believe in full transparency on projects so this will be all documented in a shared document for you to track the status of any planned pitches at your leisure.

Step 4: Pitching

I don't subscribe to the ``write a press release, mass distribute and hope a story is picked up`` approach to PR. Thoughtful pitches to targeted publications have a higher rate of being picked up than a standard release. It's not about why anyone should write about you, it's about why THAT PARTICULAR OUTLET should write about you.

Step 5: Followups, Interviews, Photos

Sometimes it takes more than one pitch to a single outlet to be successful. I'll handle all followups with the writers, including coordinating interview times with your schedule, providing any necessary background information or photos, and getting links and hard copies (as applicable) of the stories when they are published.


Yep! I've got that covered too. Sourcing speaking opportunities is all part of the PR gig!

Awards Received

In addition to providing our clients as sources for media stories and features, we also nominate and submit them for awards that recognize the best of the best in the events industry.

Let's get your name in the press!

Harness the power of public relations to increase your brand awareness, notoriety, AND get those coveted backlinks for SEO.

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