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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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The Krewe

Let us introduce ourselves

Life teaches us that we can’t be all things to all people and the faster we learn that, the happier and more successful we’ll be.


Our krewe knows this and each comes to the table with “a particular set of skills.” (Said in our best Liam Neeson voice.)

These skills combine to deliver the BEST results possible to all our clients.


It’s not about one person having all the answers. For us, it’s about DCM as a whole having the answers – or continuing to research, test, and expand until we do.


Meet the Faces Behind-the-Scenes

Kellie Ward

Graphic Design

Sarah Cate Scaduto


Crystal Grave


The History of the Krewe

The 90-second explanation behind our ``krewe`` moniker.

Our Krewe Values

We may all have different skillsets, but these core values are at the heart of how we do business.

Relationships Matter

We prioritize the long-term relationship over the immediate sale.


If we don’t have the answer in the moment, we will find it and get back to you.

Clarity in Communications

It’s in our name for a reason. Clear communication is prioritized above all else. Everyone walks away from each meeting, call or company touch point, knowing exactly what the next steps are and who is responsible.

Educational content doesn’t have to be boring to be taken seriously and be effective.

We teach effective communication tactics to help you in PR, marketing & sales – but we don’t do boring.

Let's get started

Ready to see your brand come to life and truly resonate with your ideal client? It all starts with a 1-1 consultation.

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Get an idea of how pretty and EFFECTIVE your site could be by working with DCM.