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Sunday, 05 November 2017
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Marketing Services

Creating A Solid Brand & Digital Presence

My team and I provide customized solutions to bring your brand to life, expand brand awareness & help you increase your sales through personalized business coaching.

It’s easy to get lost client work when you love what your business is all about. But, in order to be able to work IN your business, you need to work ON your business to attract (and close!) the right clients who are quick to pay, eager to seek your expertise, and a joy to work with.


The DCM team is here to help bring your business goals to life through effective branding, websites, content marketing, and offline sales strategies so you can continue to grow with the clients who make YOU love what you do even more.

STEP 1: Solidify Your Brand Online & Offline

Branding your company is about a multi-faceted approach to creating a brand identity. Colors, logos, typography, tone of voice, etc. we can design the right one that represents your business AND attracts your ideal client.

Your website is your digital business card and just one part of a streamlined brand. Our team of designers, develoers, and copywriters - all with marketing strategy experience - create a site that not only looks pretty, but converts!

STEP 2: Increase Brand Awareness (and Sales!)

Content marketing is how you convert prospects to clients. Let's ensure your blogs, emails, speaking topics, and every social media post hits the right tone through a strategic content strategy that both reaches and resonates with your ideal client.

PR is a necessary part of any good marketing strategy. After all, the more you can possible yourself (and brand) as a thought leader, the more leads will come to you. Explore Channing's approach to media relations and see if we're the right fit for your goals.

They say ``two heads are better than one.`` Well, let's do better than two. The Confident Marketer Collective offers monthly live calls with to cover all of your marketing, PR & sales questions. PLUS structured lessons created on-demand and weekly support via the Facebook group.

When you're looking for more personal attention and custom strategies design just for YOUR business, 1:1 consulting & coaching with Channing is the next move. You'll set goals, have biweekly or monthly live calls AND get unlimited email support to make your marketing soar!

Client Reviews

Sincerely Pete

"I've been working with Channing for several months to help with various aspects of building and strengthening my business. Having worked with other ""PR & Marketing Companies"" in the past, and left truly disappointed in the investment, I was nervous about investing again in this arena. Those feelings were quickly wiped away. Channing is an experienced, connected, and insightful professional who has made tangible changes for my business and my mindset. She has provided me with direction and skills to be confident in what I offer and ideas to help me grow in ways I thought were pipedreams. I would definitely recommend her to any of my event professional friends (and other, but alas, we're the lucky ones who get her!) PS - Thank you, Channing, for restoring my faith in PR and Marketing, for telling me hard truths, and encouraging the good ideas!"

Sarah Pete Rizzi Owner

Placement of Pretty Things

Need to tell you that I am living in the 2 craziest weeks of the year right now (with end of year school and a couple businesses) and the ONLY way I am staying productive is with your pockets of time teachings/tips. Just needed you to know how good and helpful the stuff you are putting into the world is!

Robin Turnipseed Owner

Pilar & Co.

Thanks for helping me get my message down pat! Being able to clearly and succinctly speak with potential clients and determining if it's a good fit has helped me grow in the best way possible!

Amaia Stecker Managing Partner

Chattanooga Roofing Contractors

I cannot say enough about how wonderful DCM Communications is. We hired Channing Muller to help us get ready for our first Home Show, and it was the BEST decision we made in preparation for our event. From new businesses looking to streamline their branding, social media strategies, and improve their marketing strategies to existing businesses looking to take the next step in growing their brand or any group looking to make their social and promotional event an absolute hit...give this amazing Boss Lady a call.

Michelle Schrader Vice President

Biashara Street

I appreciate you beyond any words and I am thankful and so happy that you are my coach, Channing! You are the best!

Joyce Mnkande CEO & Founder

Scenic Elementz

DCM Communications was the missing link and perfect fit for our company. We knew that we wanted to redo our website so I started the search. I spoke to a few different companies before a request for recommendations on Facebook led me to Channing and DCM. I knew as soon as we had our first conversation that she was the one. Her knowledge of events and what our company does was the icing on the cake. She truly understood our needs. She designed a new logo, a new website, and an incredible social media campaign for the launch. The entire process was organized and purposeful. From our weekly conference call, to the website redesign tracker, and project plan, every detail was meticulously thought out. Channing knows her stuff! And, to top it off, she even converted my partner, who was a marketing cynic. He loved everything she did and he wants to have her continue with a social media strategy indefinitely. Trust me, that is saying a lot. I'm so happy I found DCM Communications. It has been an amazing experience!

Clover Ryan Owner & Vice President

Chattanooga Roofing Contractors

The powerful Channing Muller is amazing. She has brought an incredible amount of value to my business.

Scott Schrader Owner


Channing is one of the most creative people I've ever met. A true professional!

Dr. David Redd Owner & General Surgeon

Blue Spark Event Design

DCM Communications provides exemplary and thorough marketing expertise in any facet your business might need. Channing is consultive in her approach and listens to her clients providing solutions that fit perfectly for her clients. We appreciate her partnership.

Heather Pilcher CEO & Executive Producer

Absolute Wedding Perfection

I've owned my own business for more than a decade, and it's been impossible to keep up with marketing and social media trends on my own. DCM not only helped me get a handle on it, but did things I didn't even know should be done! It would have taken me weeks to figure out a plan, research it, and enact it...worth every penny of my time.

Angie Froemel Certified Wedding Coordinator, Lead Planner, & Founder

R3 Chattanooga

I have worked with Channing on two websites, One was done by her, and the other was done by me with her support. After the initial completion of the websites she has been there with tutorials and guidance to help me update and make changes as needed. I have been in some of her ongoing workgroups and have found that to be a great source of information and discussion along with Channing and other clients. I appreciate that Channing will push me to do things that are within my ability so I can learn and be self sufficient. But she is also always there to assist as needed. I would highly recommend working with Channing.

Amy Lokken Owner

Go To Market

Watching the video you sent out in your email. It's SO good. You're a marketing hero. I normally can't stand email marketing but I like yours!

Amanda Hofman Co-founder & CEO

School Without Suffering

The last six months has been very transformative in my marketing, so I want to say thank you. It's been super great, and I've learned so, so much. I feel like I'm on a totally different level now.

Laura Fragomeni Founder

The Masaj

I have been working with Channing at DCM Communications for a few years and will continue to do so. She has been with me every step of the way as I continue to grow my business. Her knowledge, insights, expertise, and professionalism are top notch! Plus she's a super awesome person! Two thumbs up, 5 stars, and highly recommend!!!

Rebecca Dennison Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist

Placement of Pretty Things

I started working with DCM Communications about a year ago when I decided to launch my website. Channing and her team walked me through every step of the learning process, and they did so with great encouragement. What I initially viewed as a daunting process transformed into a pleasant experience due to their help and attitude. I have nothing but great things to say about DCM Communications and will continue to refer them.

Robin Turnipseed Owner

Additional Marketing Services

Advertising should be part of every successful marketing program. Whether in print or digital, social or mainstream, we can help you choose the right place to spend your dollars and design the campaign.

A successful social media strategy requires you be on the platforms where your target clients spend their time AND posting content that resonates. We can create a customized strategy & playbook for you to execute on with complete clarity.

Let's Chat!

Ready to see your brand awareness increase and ideal business model become reality? It all starts with a 1-1 consultation to see if we're the right fit.

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Get an idea of how pretty and EFFECTIVE your site could be by working with DCM.