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Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
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Effective Communication Tactics for Women

Because women have ideas that need to be heard

And Channing is determined to help them feel confident (and be effective) in doing so.

Whether it was dance recitals as a child, cheerleading competitions as a teen, or TV interviews early in her career, Channing has never been one to shy away from a spotlight. #confident


However, then when she launched DCM and the idea of effectively conveying the strategies and concepts in her head to attract (and close!) a client had her feeling like the new kid at school who didn’t notice a chocolate stain in an unfortunate location on her pants.


With coaching, practice, and the right framework for pitching her ideas, she overcame those presentation nerves and grew this business into the multi-six figures communications agency it is today.


Now she’s sharing those communication tactics to empower other women to be just as confident in presenting their ideas and the value they provide.


Read the full abstract and see the session in action 👇🏻

Keynote Presentation

Effective Communication Tactics for Women in Business

For centuries, women have been fighting to get a seat at the table. How do we not only get there, but stay there and make our mark? By speaking (and leveling) UP!


You have something to say, and this session will provide you with the mindset shifts and tools to make sure people listen when you say it.


Whether you’re trying to get your foot in the door with a prospective client, sell an idea in a meeting, or secure that promotion you’ve worked so hard for, Channing will arm you with actionable steps and compelling talking points to make it happen.


Attendees will walk away knowing how to:

Wipe Away Imposter Syndrome: Banish those nagging doubts and project unshakeable confidence a powerful mindset reframe.

Hook the Audience You Want to Convert: Capture and hold the attention of your listeners from the get-go.

Confidently Convey Your Ideas: Deliver your message with clarity and conviction, making sure your voice (and unique perspective) is not just heard, but valued.

Keep the Audience’s Attention: Master techniques to keep your audience engaged and responsive throughout your pitch.

Close the Deal…Effectively: Learn to close with confidence or identify when it’s best to walk away with your head held high.


You bring immense value to the table. This session is about empowering you with the confidence in your communications to make sure others hear what you have to say.


You’ve got the power, and now it’s time to Speak. UP.

Sound like a message your audience needs to hear? 

Get in touch and let’s discuss.

Dr. David Redd

Owner & General Surgeon

Channing is one of the most creative people I've ever met. A true professional!

Jessica Y.

Channing was immediately engaging, well spoken, and connected with the audience. She wove in humor and connection appropriately and had a powerful stage presence.

Haley P.

Channing was very authoritative and confident on her topic! An impressive career full of accolades made me confident in her knowledge!

Michelle Resch

Market General Manager

You did such a magnificent job tonight!! You are a great speaker and so personable.

Jen Kramer

Sales Manager

Channing, you were electric!

Shweta Shyamani

Transformational Coach

Thank you for your AWESOME presentation at Heels and Handshakes!! You are such a natural in front of a group. Really great info AND your heels were killer!

Christine Thoemke

Customer Experience GDF Analyst

The presentation was excellent!! Channing is so inspiring!

Andrew Gerstel


Channing's presentation was very insightful and well presented. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does definitely comes through.

Lauren Petrosky

Marketing Manager

Channing's energy and enthusiasm were absolutely contagious, and her insights left everyone feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world! Channing's willingness to be transparent, and share her stories and experiences was truly empowering.

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