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30 Day Social Media Planner


This 15-page planner is a MUST HAVE for making those batch content creation dreams a reality. 


Clarify your goals, find your target audience , outline your content pillars & desired schedule, figure out the hashtags that matter, determine where content from one platform can be repurposed and more…


This planner walks you through every single step and piece of info you need so nothing is missed and you have the most effective content plan & schedule possible to achieve your social media goals.


Strategize. Plan. Create. Post. Track. Review. Repeat.

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  1. The 3 Keys to Success: What it really takes to gain ground on social. 
  2. How to Clarify Your Target Audience: All followers are not created equal. Find YOUR audience.
  3. Determining Your Brand Pillars (and subtopics): i.e. what do you want to stand for?
  4. Outlining Your Ideal Content Schedule
  5. Prompts to Creating 30 Content Ideas
  6. Hashtag Resources: Outline them here, then simply refer to it for each post in the future!
  7. In-Depth Post Planner: Confirm all those little pieces you need to make it shine!
  8. Weekly Planner: No guessing or wondering what to post. This can be reused every week for easy scheduling.
  9. Analyzing the Results: Reviewing how your content performed at the end of the month + how to interpret results for future planning
  10. Analytics Tracking Template: Track your stats each week to see bigger patters over time.

10 Steps (with guided questions and help along the way) to get you social media batch content creation heaven!

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