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3 Things Every Real Estate Website Must Have to Attract Clients

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3 Things Every Real Estate Website Must Have to Attract Clients

The competition is always fierce in real estate so the importance of standing out among the ever-expanding industry of real estate professionals is paramount.  


This has become particularly evident the last few years as the market has seen unprecedented conditions of historically low inventory and high interest rates.


So how can you stand out and attract that ideal client? 


It’s actually quite simple: a website that demonstrates what it will be like working with them.

Storytelling Matters in Real Estate

When it comes to showcasing a property on your real estate website, it’s true that photos are incredibly important (and don’t worry – we’ll get to those).


But one of the most overlooked aspects of a successful real estate listing is the quality of the property description.


Describing a property accurately – 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, etc. – is essential. Those specs should always be accurate and up-front to help buyers quickly see if a property meets their top line criteria. 


Beyond square footage and bedroom/bathroom count, it’s the story you tell about a property that will bridge the gap between the LIFE a client is looking to have and how the property in your listing can help them get it.


Prospective residential buyers aren’t just looking for a level, fenced-in backyard. They’re looking for somewhere they can make memories of campouts and cookouts with their family. 


Prospective commercial buyers aren’t just looking for an open layout. They’re looking for somewhere they can bring their retail vision to life.


It’s important to tell the story of what’s possible at the property, which includes the neighborhood.


→ Will they be secluded for a tranquil quiet life or joining an engaging community of neighbors who visit and socialize with each other frequently?

→ Will you be in an area with heavy foot traffic or is it mostly cars?


When you go beyond the specs and tell the story of your property description, your clients will have to do a little less work to imagine themselves in it. 


A detailed description may not get you as many inquiries as if you’d simply posted specs and a few photos, but the leads you do get will be more qualified and help you close more deals.

Real Estate Photography Can Make or Break Your Listing

When it comes to real estate photography, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. Quality photographs of your property are the first impression that will stop a potential buyer in his or her tracks on your website. Smartphone or tablet photography will not cut it. Nor will amateur photographers. 


This is not the time to be cheap, friends. Hire a pro and support a small business owner while making YOUR marketing shine.

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Professional photos by an experienced real estate photographer are how you can help potential buyers know what they can expect at a showing. The last thing you want is for a buyer to show up and think “This looked better in the photos…”

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A professional photographer with real estate experience will know exactly how to stage a shot to maximize a property’s strengths, minimize its flaws, and make sure that nothing stands in the way of a potential buyer envisioning himself or herself in it (like family photos and other personal items, which you know should already be hidden by the time the house hits the market anyway).


One more time in case you missed it before: 

Don’t skimp on real estate photography.

Client Testimonials Are Gold

If you’re not already gathering feedback from your clients about what it’s like to work with you, I would highly recommend implementing this in your process as soon as possible.


There is nothing more effective than reading what it’s like to work with you in your clients’ own words.


Industry saturation in real estate is extremely high. This is where the “know, like, trust” principle of marketing will set you apart from the competition. 


Clients can’t buy a house from you if they don’t know you exist (i.e. brand awareness), just like they’re unlikely to buy from someone they don’t like (i.e. why we do content marketing) 👎🏻.


Once someone knows who you are and they like you, the next thing that converts them from fan to customer is trusting you. 


Trust and relationship both take time and EFFORT to build, which is why it’s important to prioritize your content marketing. . Having multiple strong testimonials front and center on your Homepage, About and Contact pages from happy clients will give you that extra leg up.

Sarah Cate Scaduto is a marketing and communications pro who has helped business owners grow to $1M and beyond. Sarah Cate has worked with coaches, consultants, and professional service providers to streamline and maximize their marketing efforts through targeted strategy and realistic project management, and she's now bringing her talents to DCM Communications as Marketing Generalist. Sarah Cate enjoys singing, making good food, traveling to new places, and spending time with her family.

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