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Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810


The Tactic Kendra Scott Uses To Build Brand Loyalty (And Sales)

The Tactic Kendra Scott Uses To Build Brand Loyalty (And Sales)

Everyone knows the latest statistic that it takes 12 touches (or sources) before a consumer makes a purchase. This could be 12 different sources, or simply 12 different experiences with the same source across a given time period.


But what if you could narrow that time period to about two hours or less AND have your products in the hands of your target consumer during their decision-making? After all, chances are higher of converting a potential consumer into a buyer when they are already experiencing the product.


Jewelry line Kendra Scott knows this and has uses its Color Bar Parties to do just that.]

How It Works

Groups of five to 10 are welcomed with champagne, or mimosas, and treats (ranging from cupcakes and cookies to breakfast bites) to their local store for a personal party at the Color Bar to design their own jewelry. Guests then select their preferred item (ring, necklace, earrings, etc), the metal (silver, gold, or rose gold) and the color stones (too many to list!) to suit their taste or occasion. With at least two weeks notice, the Kendra Scott team can also create custom place cards for each guest at the Color Bar adding yet another personal touch to the experience.


Oh, and did we mention they receive a 15% discount for any purchases?

Why This Is Genius

By welcoming small groups into the store to create their own jewelry, Kendra Scott is able to:


  1. Provides a personal experience for each guest. People like attention and customer service ranks high on the list of buyers’ decision-making factors.
  2. Guests are able to experience the product through the design process. Each step of the process gets them more attached to the result and serves as one of those ‘touches’ mentioned earlier.
  3. The product is literally in their hands. They can try it on, pose for photos, and look at it form every angle. Each interaction is another ‘touch’ in the process.
  4. Builds brand loyalty. Because there is no commitment to buy, guests really feel like their enjoyment is the sole focus of the party. That endears the brand in their minds and increases likelihood they will buy. People want to feel in control of their decisions rather than being pushed into them. Hang back a little and they’ll want you even more!


Kendra Scott’s newest wedding collection will hit shelves this Friday. Email the Bethesda store to book a Color Bar party in the Washington D.C. area.


**Photo: Photos From the Harty Photography (hero)

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