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December 2017

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The title "consultant" has always been a very vague term used by people who didn't always want to explain what they actually do. Conversations often ran something like this:

Party A: "I work in (insert field everyone understands). What do you do?"

Party B: "Oh, I'm a consultant."

Party A: (looks puzzled but nods in agreement like it all makes perfect sense)

While our explanation of a consultant is usually preceded by a qualifier or followed by an explanation, at it is for those of us who understand how lead generation works, the proliferation of consultants has increased significantly as society moves to an online working environment with flexible schedules. 

Photo: Courtesy of N Street Village

You know that saying, "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong?" Well, it may be a pessimistic point of view, BUT it's also a good reminder to always have a Plan B when it comes to planning an event. By being prepared (or at least considering) what could go wrong you'll be better able to handle a crisis should one arise.

N Street Village, a Washington nonprofit providing services to homeless and low-income women, experienced this situation in February when all 800 seats for its 25th annual gala on March 14  sold out a month in advance. Normally one would think a sold out gala is great, however in this case the invites for individual seats hadn't even been mailed yet. (All the tables had been reserved through sponsorships.) In order to accommodate more guests through mailed invites, the organization moved from the Ritz-Carlton, Washington DC to the Marriott Marquis just four weeks out.

[caption id="attachment_5339" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Photo: Pixelme Studio[/caption]

Event marketing is a hot topic these days, and rightly so. Marketing your event is what gets the details and message out to the public to draw in ticket sales, donors, or product sales. But don't get so caught up in the traditional forms of event marketing (social media promos, email marketing, advertising) that you forget about branding the event itself. Let me explain...

When it comes to venue scouting, every planner has their go-to list of favorite spaces. These can range from the traditional hotel to private rooms at local restaurants to art galleries. But with the ease of the familiar, you might be overlooking impactful spaces that could add the "wow factor" to your event.

Case and point: The Crystal Couture fashion showcase. Produced by the Crystal City Business Improvement District in Virginia, this annual fashion event bring retailers, boutique owners, accessories shops and designers together with nearly 1,000 fashion enthusiasts for three days (and nights) of retail therapy, fashion shows and business promotion. What separates this show from other fashion events though is its venue choice.